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REALTORS | Break away from the old-school way of thinking

At Five Sails Realty we have reinvented how a real estate brokerage is positioned within the real estate community. Our business model positions ourselves simply as a legally required entity which provides the regulatory oversight Realtors must have in order to be licensed. Our Realtors choose their own direction with such things as marketing, training and branding. Consequently, we have stripped away all the expensive "services" typically offered to Realtors, as such services are now often viewed by Realtors as redundant and an unnecessary burden.

Five Sails Realty is all about quality of service to our Realtors. We see Realtors as our clients! We concentrate entirely on just these five services:
  1. We ensure absolute compliance with the regulations governing our industry;
  2. We enable the listing of properties on the MLS;
  3. We convey real estate transactions on behalf of our Realtors;
  4. We maintain and professionally manage the required brokerage Trust Accounts;
  5. We ensure our Realtors receive their full commission cheques promptly, with no brokerage deduction.
We want our Realtors to reap the rewards of a significant shift in consumer expectations as a result of the many changes that have occurred in our industry over the past few years. Your clients no longer need you to have a walk-in retail office with all the irrelevant add-on services. They are far more interested in who your are and your individual abilities. Truth is, your clients actually expect you to advertise your own brand ahead of your chosen brokerage.

Every Five Sails Realtor is free to develop an individual brand, without the need to showcase the brokerage or to follow a set of archaic marketing rules typically dictated by a franchise. And our business model translates into very few corporate overheads, enabling us to pass the financial benefits on to our Realtors, including a 100% commission payout on every completed transaction and no deal fees.

Join Five Sails Realty for a brokerage fee of just $395 a month - it's that simple.
In return, as your Managing Broker I will draw on my thirty years of relevant experience to provide you with top-class regulatory oversight. Additionally, you can be assured that Five Sails Realty will carry all your listings and convey all your deals in an efficient and professional manner.
The rest is up to you.

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