Build your brand. Reduce your expenses. Keep all your commission.

Our Realtors work hard to grow their individual business, not ours.

Every Realtor that chooses to hang their license at Five Sails Realty is free to operate and market their brand however they wish, so long as they conform with the regulations imposed on our industry. We do not insist on any corporate marketing restraints and instead encourage outside-the-box thinking.

In our view, anyone wishing to buy or sell a property is far more interested in the attributes of their chosen Realtor, rather than the perceived strengths of an over-indulgent corporate brand.


For many Realtors and their clients, a real estate office is now simply a clearing house for property transactions. Recognizing this new reality, we believe our on-going success will be determined not by the popularity of our corporate brand or the size of our office, but instead by the efficiencies we put in place while utilizing the experience and knowledge of our Owner / Managing Broker.

As an efficiently operated company, with very few overheads, we have been able to strip away all the ridiculously expensive services offered to Realtors by a typical real estate company. We are comfortable with this approach as we know these "services" are often viewed by many disenchanted Realtors as an unnecessary financial burden.

So this is what we do for Realtors who wish to grow their own business and develop their own unique brand:

  • We commit to staying engaged with all our Realtors, ensuring compliance with all the regulations;
  • We showcase our Realtor's listings on the MLS, WLS and this website;
  • We convey our Realtor's completed real estate transactions;
  • We maintain the required brokerage Trust Accounts;
  • We promptly pay our Realtors 100% of their earned commission.

No commission splits. No deal fees. No desk fees. No franchise fees. No marketing fees. No other hidden fees!

SO HERE'S THE DEAL – Pay $395 a month and, in return, build your own brand, efficiently complete as many real estate transactions as you wish, place your listings on the MLS and benefit from the knowledge and experience of a Managing Broker who was first licensed in BC in 1989. There are no other charges.