Build your brand. Reduce your expenses. Keep all your commission.

Our Realtors build their own business, not ours.

We are happy to empower our Realtors to operate their business however they wish, so long as they conform with the regulations imposed on our industry. We do not insist on any corporate marketing restraints and instead encourage outside-the-box thinking.

In our view, anyone wishing to buy or sell a property is far more interested in the attributes of their chosen Realtor, rather than the strengths of a corporate brand.

A real estate brokerage can be basically an efficient clearing house for property transactions, so long as the Managing Broker is experienced and totally engaged. Our acknowledgement of this reality encouraged us to strip away all the ridiculously expensive services typically offered to Realtors, services that are now viewed by many disenchanted Realtors as an unnecessary financial burden.

So this is what we do:

  • We stay engaged with all our Realtors ensuring compliance with the regulations;
  • We list and showcase properties on the MLS, WLS and this website;
  • We convey completed real estate transactions;
  • We maintain the required brokerage Trust Accounts;
  • We promptly pay our Realtors 100% of their earned commission.

We have few corporate overheads, so we pass on significant financial benefits to our Realtors: No commission splits. No deal fees. No desk fees. No franchise fees.

HERE'S THE DEAL – Pay a single brokerage fee of $395 a month and complete as many transactions as you wish. There are no other charges. It's that simple.