We are a full service real estate brokerage with a head office in downtown Vancouver and a branch office in Whistler. We are not a franchise and our Managing Broker is the sole owner of the company. Our entire focus is on providing regulatory oversight and conveyancing services.

We do not actively promote our brokerage to the general public. We believe buyers and sellers are primarily interested in the unique brand and marketing skills of their chosen Realtor, rather than where they are hanging their license.

But we are very different to the other Canadian real estate firms who tout "low fees" and 100% commissions. While we certainly want to grow our business, we take a "responsible" approach and have committed to only take on 40 Realtors. We maintain that an overly large team of Realtors cannot be managed efficiently and professionally.

We expect the 40 Realtors who eventually join us will already have an individual or team brand, or at least a strong desire to work independently towards achieving that goal. They will all view the Five Sails Realty brand as a secondary consideration.

Radically improved technology has enabled Realtors to work from a home office and recent events have certainly emboldened this approach. A mandatory on-going education curriculum means there is no need for a Realtor to seek any additional training from a brokerage. And yet, Realtors still need guidance and oversight from a Managing Broker they can trust and they need to have confidence the Managing Broker is readily available. These are the reasons we were inspired to redefine the role of a brokerage.

Because of our voracious appetite to embrace technology and by not having a typical office environment, we have been able to strip away all the typical expensive "services" offered by most BC brokerages - services that most Realtors now see as an unnecessary financial burden.

We are able to offer very favourable financial terms to our Realtors.... To learn more, Click Here.