not your typical real estate company

Our Realtors are unique


  • Free to express themselves.
  • Free to create their own brand.
  • No excessive corporate interference.
  • No stifling franchise policies.
  • Hands-on regulatory oversight.
  • Ultra confident.
  • Ultra professional.
  • Not afraid to step outside the box to succeed.
  • Not your typical real estate agent.
Five Sails Realty operates very differently from a traditional brokerage. Our Realtors are treated as true entrepreneurs and they are free to operate their business how they wish. We do not impose any corporate restraints and we encourage absolute individuality. At Five Sails Realty we believe anyone wishing to buy or sell a property is far more interested in the attributes of their chosen Realtor, rather than the perceived strengths of a corporate brand.

Our office is tiny


  • A tiny office equates to tiny overheads.
  • We love technology - it allows us to have a tiny office.
  • Our business plan is all about tiny overheads and independent Realtors.
  • Our tiny office is in Downtown Vancouver.
  • (This photo is not our office.)
  • Our Realtors never visit our tiny office.
  • Our Realtors are usually with clients, or in their personal office.
  • One day we will be a big company, but we will still have a tiny office.
We believe traditional real estate brokerage companies are incredibly inefficient. They usually have a large retail space that is 80% empty, an old-style telephone switchboard, a bored receptionist and office staff handling mounds of paperwork.... we don't have any of that. Our tiny office and our efficient protocols translate into very few corporate expenses and an extremely generous financial arrangement for all our Realtors.

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