We are a full service real estate brokerage with a head office in downtown Vancouver and a branch office in Whistler. We are not a franchise and our Managing Broker is the sole owner of the company. Our focus is entirely on providing regulatory oversight, assisting our Realtors with conveying their real estate transactions and promptly paying them 100% of the commission they have earned.

We do not attempt to showcase our brokerage brand as we believe buyers and sellers are now primarily interested in the brand and marketing skills of their chosen Realtor.

But we are very different to the other Canadian real estate firms that are touting low fees and 100% commissions. While we certainly want to grow our business, we will not take on a ridiculously large number of Realtors. We believe this will do nothing to promote the necessary close business relationship with our Managing Broker - something which we maintain is the only way we, as a brokerage, will be able to achieve long term and sustainable success.

Our goal is to eventually recruit no more than 35 active Realtors.

We expect all the Realtors that join us will already have an individual or team brand, or at least a strong desire to work independently towards achieving that goal. Perhaps this describes you or your team?

Because of improved technology and mandatory on-going education, many Realtors now choose to work from a home-office and do not seek any training or marketing input from their brokerage. These Realtors only need guidance and trusted advice from a Managing Broker. It is this strong desire for Realtor independence that inspired us to redefine the role of a brokerage.

Perhaps our path to success will be defined by our voracious appetite to embrace technology. Everything we do is on-line. This has allowed us to strip away all the expensive "services" offered by many brokerages that many Realtors are now seeing as just an unnecessary financial burden.

With no expensive office space, no salary overheads and our Managing Broker's 100% engagement in conveyance, accounting and administration, we are able to offer financial terms to our Realtors that are fair and equitable to all.

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